Music preference

This is to clarify visitors of what fEast91’s music preferences, and what to expect from his listening impressions of his audio gears.

Taken straight from his Head-Fi profile:

General music listener. If I have to choose, the music the likes of Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, the Killers, Keane, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Coldplay, anime songs and soundtracks. Like vocals and how the instruments play with each other. Dislike very bassy music. Also have almost no idea of music genre except the general ones. Love music from anime too much, especially the OSTs from Sayanora Zetsubou Sensei series. Don’t ask why.

From his wasted time in Head-Fi, fEast91 (or jgray91 in this case) has decided he yearns for a balanced sound signature of bass and treble, with the mid-range slightly forward. Judging from the quote above, one could say that fEast91 also like how the details melds together into a coherent aural bliss, although he never heard of any truly clinical audio gear.

Now with more craziness!

I guess now I can expand to “vocal junkie, prefers slightly forward midrange with neutral bass and highs”. I had a better, crazier description but I forgot. :\

What are fEast91’s choice tools for the enjoying said music? Short answer: in-ear monitors (IEMs). Long answer: this.

More can be learned from his profile at Head-Fi.

**Image credit goes to Cait of




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