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Monthly Music Muses: Best OP/ED of Autumn 2012

This season is coming to a close. Not the best one I could think of, but not the worst too. But this is not a post about what I think is the best of the season (of the anime I watch/follow, and I’m not going to judge the ones I don’t watch, despite the urge … Continue reading

Japanese haunting, treasure of China, and classic top dog, among other things.

So no fancy schmancy writing this time, just straight to the point and what not. This time I’m more prepared. I’ve compiled a testing playlist of songs: Locked girl from House set of “Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil” by Black Cat Lounge circle Track 3 from House set of “Subterranean Animism” by Black Cat Lounge circle Tsuritama … Continue reading

[MMM] My Shadow and I – Summer Cycle

So this is a thing now I guess: me sharing some of my music that I enjoy from time to time, either something I just recently found and took a liking or a favourite of mine from my relatively small music library. I’ll call it Monthly Music Muses. And this time it’s another instrumental album … Continue reading

Maximalism – Sountrack for A Great Adventure

In a not-so-busy Twitter stream, TotalBiscuit, famous internet jerk, tweeted to his followers of an album of soundtrack that his friend, Maximalism, made: Sountrack for A Great Adventure.