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Quality time with the SS01 and FXT90

Been spending more time with the both of them, and I have to say, so far, I’m liking the SS01 more and more. I’ll say for now, it’s because the SS01 is more detailed in every conceivable way than the FXT90. And sure the bass on the SS01 is also more elevated, but for now … Continue reading

Classy Commuter: Final impressions of the RHA MA350

A huge thank you to Reid Heath Audio and warrenpchi for making this review possible, and moreso the person in charge of contacting me.

Classy Nami-chan: a variation on BMF’s DBV #3 T50RP mod

What’s this? I’m writing about my mods for Nami-chan? Well not something from scratch, but since the DBV #3 mod is near perfect anyways, might as well try to make it fit me more.

MA350 Journal Entry 3: Soft tentacular cable

It is now way past 1 month since I owned the MA350, and I’ll say the cables are just cephalopod-y.

MA350 Journal Entry 2: On-Par Isolation and fragile tips

So the past few days I’ve finally had the chance to use the MA350 outside of my room. I have to say, even if I felt that the shells of the IEMs feels kind of thin it provides a more-than-good isolation that I expected.

Grand Theory of IEMs Supremacy

This was the conversation that popped up in the Diary Thread ver2.5 (an awesome thread, by the way) when I quipped that I prefer IEMs more than headphones.

Well there goes the “durable” criterion

Just tore the stock single flange tip from my MA350 when I wanted to clean it. Well shucks.

MA350 Journal Entry 1: Great vocals presentation… whenever there’s no bass

As I suspected, this is a pretty bass-focused IEM. Not surprising IMO, since this is basically at the price point of people that likes to listen to brain-numbing bassy songs. Regardless of that, this post is more about how the vocals are so godly awesome, for now at least.

RHA MA350 IEM review unit: a journal

It is exactly as the tin said: I received a review unit from RHA and am going to do a review journal on it.

Japanese haunting, treasure of China, and classic top dog, among other things.

So no fancy schmancy writing this time, just straight to the point and what not. This time I’m more prepared. I’ve compiled a testing playlist of songs: Locked girl from House set of “Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil” by Black Cat Lounge circle Track 3 from House set of “Subterranean Animism” by Black Cat Lounge circle Tsuritama … Continue reading