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Durarara 2 ended with a sequel hook, and I love it for that.

I was pretty bummed out that Durarara is coming to an end. While I think that the start of it all was kind of confusing, with all the jumping around between point of views, overall I think it’s a good season. But what’s the deal with Ruri and vampire actor guy? That felt like an … Continue reading

Procrastinating on watching anime, and reviving this.

So I finally said “fk you” to procrastinating watching anime (shut up, I know) and marathoned DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2 today. I have to say, the storyline is a knit confusing at what’s going on and for how long the span of the events really are. Lots of backtracking of different PoV makes for a very disorientating … Continue reading

In which I cull shows that’s definitely not worth wasting time on

Looking at what I have going on right now, I’m comfortable that the remaining shows that I haven’t seen yet to not bother with. That said, SHAFT disappoints this time.

In which I was fooled by a harem dating anime

What do I have here? A fairly decent fantasy anime with the potential to be a good political one (not that I like politics though), a show with convenient amnesia, moe-fied prefectures and I learned about flags. This should be fun, I guess.

In which there’s a decent SoL that I like

Daimidaler, WIcrOSS, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou up to the chopping board. Something was shoveled off a cliff this time.

In which I look at not-Stardust Crusader shows

Being #1 with no effort is like this Not that it matters anymore since Stardust Crusader is in this season and will be the best, but still, it would be a bit too boring to rewatch Jotaro being badass 14 times for a whole week waiting for the next episode, won’t it? (It won’t, actually). … Continue reading

Winter Anime 2014 thoughts MKII

Well let’s continue on with the Episode 1 season trashing/praising! MKI here.

Late Happy New Year! And first round of Winter 2014 anime thoughts!

Argh! Being a NEET absolutely made me as lazy as you possibly can think of how. But no matter, with the new year comes (some) new spirit!!! And what better way than to start off with a bunch of surprisingly good bunch of anime!

Quality time with the SS01 and FXT90

Been spending more time with the both of them, and I have to say, so far, I’m liking the SS01 more and more. I’ll say for now, it’s because the SS01 is more detailed in every conceivable way than the FXT90. And sure the bass on the SS01 is also more elevated, but for now … Continue reading

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: In The Distance, That Day, When The Stars Became Music…: More of the same, but better in every way