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Procrastinating on watching anime, and reviving this.

So I finally said “fk you” to procrastinating watching anime (shut up, I know) and marathoned DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR 2 today.

I have to say, the storyline is a knit confusing at what’s going on and for how long the span of the events really are. Lots of backtracking of different PoV makes for a very disorientating experience. I’ve also found that the animation kind of tanked a bit somewhere between episode 8 to 10.

But overall, I think it’s a worthy return to form after how many years it was since the last DRRRRRRRRRRR. I’ll probably going to marathon the first and second seasons some other time just to makes heads and tails of it.

I also watched episode one of Kancolle. Ehh it was kind of sappy, but I think I kind of like it poi. The art style is too generic mainstream crap though. A shame they didn’t follow more like the original style poi.

Also this would be an experiment to set a sleep routine and fix my sleeping time.

Before bed, one episode of anime, and then post impressions of it here and/or elsewhere. Write journal for today.

Waking up, jump out of bed and proceed to some exercising. Shower, sit outside in the sun for a bit then breakfast.

#sleeproutine #anime #poi


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