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In which I cull shows that’s definitely not worth wasting time on

Looking at what I have going on right now, I’m comfortable that the remaining shows that I haven’t seen yet to not bother with. That said, SHAFT disappoints this time.

Hitsuki no Chaika

Screenshot 2014-04-25 14.47.18Dem eyebrows. Strangely, I’m attracted to it. I don’t know why, but seeing more than just a line for eyebrows for a female character is refreshing.

Enough on eyebrows though. MAGITECK! Yes! This is great; I love magiteck. Magic and technology that doesn’t look like they’re different entities at all. Of course on an academic level, any technology advanced enough could be seen as magic. But in this instance, neon manor notwithstanding, it also takes in the effect of using incantations to initiate technological functions, or something that seems like it. Maybe that’s just me seeing too much of a Warhammer 40K “lost technology therefore it is sacred and mythologized into arcane magic” vibe.

And interesting that our main male lead is not Yuji Everylead the Bland. Instead we have his sister being Potata-kun.

Status: watching. Score: 8/10

Mekakucity actors

Yep, boring.

Yep, boring.

This can’t get any more SHAFTed than it is. Not even 1 minute in, anyone that had watched any Xmonogatari can tell this is a SHAFT production. Which, as it turns out, can be too SHAFT for its own good. I think that’s what they did anyway, overload this boring anime with all their trademark style just to make it attention-grabbing and not boring. Also that AI thing is way too damn annoying.

Honestly if I’m going to take “annoying”, I’d rather take Chaika. At least that has magiteck.

Status: dropped. Score: 5/10

Knight of Sidonia

Screenshot 2014-04-26 19.39.32<obligatory Muse joke here>

Lets get the obvious elephant in the room out of this way: CGI for the characters is janky as balls. If there’s anything to be the epitome, the zenith of samefacing, this would be it. Looks as lifeless as a poorly made wax statue. They all look dead. What came to my mind is that it looks as if the Shin Megami Tensei character modelling team has its budget cut in half.

Amazing samefacing action

Amazing samefacing action

The mechas and buildings turned out okay in CGI though. I don’t mind the Gauna being janky looking, since it’s an alien entity therefore I like that feeling of “alienness” and how out of place it is. I think that’s a good thing to do, e.g. in how Vandread did it for the whatchamacallit and Gurren Lagann for the anti-spiral mooks in the second half of the show.

And I can’t help but feel that this show could be like Attack on TitanIN SPAAAAAACE. With less angst and- actually, long-haired dude might be packing all the angst for the show, considering how butt-hurt he gets when Moleman got to ride in the Type 17.

Status: watching. Score: 7/10


Capping off here

Looking at what I’m definitely going to follow weekly and at potential shows that I might like, and looking at what I still haven’t sampled, I think it’s safe to say that I can cap off my list here.

What will I miss?

  • Black Bullet.

Ehh, potentially can be good, but for almost the same premise I’m fine with is… well, the closest being Sidonia, but has other draws. I just find the synopsis kind of boring and overdone. And this whole thing of “main character is kind of really good at his job, and has a female partner” zzzzz

  • Escha to Logy

Again, Ehh. Going from other people’s impression of it, it’s cute whatevers stirring cauldrons. Pass.

  • Dai Shogun

Huh, actually something that I find kind of interesting. But then again, there was Nobunaga the Fool last season, and I found that interesting too, but I dropped it. Better to not waste time at all. Also has latex-painted on suit on sexy women, so pass. Ironic considering that I have no problem watching Blade and Soul.

  • Are you a rabbit?

That’s probably not the right name, but being a halfassed weaboo and seeing usagi desu ka, let’s just assume that’s what it meant. Not my kind of thing. Better not waste my time.

  • All sports anime

Sportsing anime. I might check out Ping Pong Anime though.

  • Cat god and Dog god

Same reason with Are you a rabbit?.

  • Kamigami no Asobi

No thanks, not into bishie gods trying to probably-rape a woman.

  • Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki

Not into semi-autobiography of mangaka that I don’t know about.

  • M3

There’s mecha in it, but Sidonia and potentially Captain Earth is enough.

  • No Game No Life

Reminds me of my banal life and how much I want to escape it with some power fantasy trip thing. Wow, how convenient that sitting around just playing games suddenly comes in handy in this alternate universe where everything is decided by games. And the anime shenanigans of siscon is obvious in this one.

  • Nananananananana

Ehh. Hmm. Pass. i’m sure if it’s good enough from reviews by the end of the season, it will land in my “To watch” list perpetually.

  • Dragonar

Promo picture shows a gaggle of anime women and a lone Yuki Everylead the Bland and a ohhmysterious masked man. If anything involves dragons and not showing it in the main promo picture, it’s not wholly about dragons. No thanks, Generic Harem Disguised in Fantasy Setting #3478.

  • Soul Eater Not!

Did not like it back when it was just manga, I’m sure I won’t like it here.

What I’m definitely watching then?

Stardust Crusader is a given. Not only doing a better job at filling in the mindless beat ‘em up segment than Kill La Kill, it also has amazing manly VAs and ripped out of proportion bodies and Over The Top factor of 9001. And kickass OST.

Knights of Sidonia is my main mecha and sci-fi anime. ‘Nuff said. Also it’s Attack on Titan IN SPAAAAAACE!.

Hitsugi no Chaika and Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushiii shares the segment for fantasy shows. Only one deals with magiteck (I hope anyway) while the other deals with fantasy politics that maybe I can swallow.

Kawaisou takes my SoL segment, which I don’t usually have for lack of interest in SoL.

If I’m not too lazy, maybe I’ll do a follow up Ep-2 post.


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