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In which there’s a decent SoL that I like

Daimidaler, WIcrOSS, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou up to the chopping board. Something was shoveled off a cliff this time.


If it's about my interest, then yes. It is.

If it’s about my interest, then yes. It is.

Not really feeling it with this too. It kind of reminded me of Genei Taiyou, mahou shoujo anime with tarot cards (maybe I should finish it). Only somehow less interesting.

But one thing that I am sure of: that Tama thing is noisy and annoying.

Plain loli as the token mascot. Woo.

Plain loli as the token mascot. Woo.

Status: depends on next episode. Score: 6/10


Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Screenshot 2014-04-11 14.37.04

Surprisingly, I’m okay with this. I thought the moment when pervert roommate and no-luck-with-men 30s woman came on screen, I’d hate it, but even then after a few minutes of air time, I’m kind of okay with them around. I can’t believe I’ll be writing this, but seeing the pervert roommate more than just ye olde pervert but as a masochist is kind of refreshing. In a weird sense, this reminds me of Otaku no Musume (which is a great manga that everyone should read).

The landlady is also kind of amusing, in that she has that drama-actress aspirations. Of course it’s standard that the landlady is secretly the alpha female and a force to be reckoned with in the house.
Most of all though, I found that the main female character, Rit-chan, also interesting. Sort of. I foresee that she’ll be having one of those bookwork character development though, but not in the usual cliche way.

Oddly satisfying for a SoL. This is the second time that I remember in recent times that I am enjoying SoL.

Screenshot 2014-04-11 14.42.02

Status: watching. Score: 7/10



Rape jokes weeeee

Rape jokes weeeee

I would liked this back when I am just a walking meat puppet full of hormones and newfound lust for women, maybe. But now? Eh. This has the same problem I have with most other fanservice shows: it’s just that.

Too bad though, since I like the OP.



Status: dropped


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