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In which I look at not-Stardust Crusader shows

Being #1 with no effort is like this
Being #1 with no effort is like this

Not that it matters anymore since Stardust Crusader is in this season and will be the best, but still, it would be a bit too boring to rewatch Jotaro being badass 14 times for a whole week waiting for the next episode, won’t it? (It won’t, actually). So what other lesser beings can offer for this season?

Blade and Soul

Jokes. It's hard.
Jokes. It’s hard.

Coming into this with comparisons and thoughts to Queen’s Blade and other fighting anime with gigantic mammary glands, so expectation is very low. Regardless of the fact that last season’s super hit show for me is KILL LA KILL (which I don’t mind since I’m there for the fights, not for the Gainaxing, which to be honest isn’t that plenty anyways).

Oddly, I’m intrigued by the back story and the world overall somehow. Animation’s kind of lame and stilty, and Alka’s a bit too bland. Too much like a wooden plank. Not sure if I’d take her for an MC or Yuji Everylead the Bland though.

s14 blade and soul 2 hairStatus: continue. Score: 5/10


Wall supports Best Girl
Wall supports Best Girl

Right. From the promo art, I don’t like it very much, and the description reads too much like some otaku power fantasy wankfest. To be honest, even reading others talking about Mahouka positively, my expectation wasn’t high. Well, it surprised me. MC doesn’t come off as Yuji Everylead the Bland; in fact it gave me the feeling like he have some real secrets to be revealed. He seems too much like a Gary Stu type of character though.

And then there’s the usual character tropes coming into the picture like clockwork: brocon imouto, megane with big mammary glands, genki red haired girl, perfect student council, loli high pitched maybe-assistant to student council, that stuck up status-whore student, that most-likely kuudere quiet type. Surprised that there’s no pervert male friend though, which is amazing in my eyes. But then there’s Not-ninja who sounds more like a typical otaku, and what I would expect to be MC’s New Male Friend. But again, even then, I don’t feel shunned away. In fact, I’m… pumped.

Leo and Erika OTP. Also Erika best girl.
Leo and Erika OTP. Also Erika best girl.

Status: watching. Score: 7/10


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