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MOE SS01: First impression

So, by the way of tomscy2000 of CYMBACAVUM, I have in my hand the SS01 by MOE. And this looks surprisingly like the JVC FXT90. Enough dilly dally for now, how is it on first blush?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI tried the SS01 first, and prior to starting, I haven’t listen to the FXT90 for the day.

The SS01 has more bass presence than the FXT90; more subbass rumble. Vocals on the SS01 sounds a bit distant and veiled than the FXT90, but shrill anime female vocals works well lol. Imaging and soundstage though, is another thing altogether. The SS01 seems wider and more detailed than the FXT90. Wider might not be your kind of thing, but more detailed is a plus no matter what. I reckon though the SS01 is slightly darker than the FXT90. Maybe this is New Toy Syndrome at work. On comfort though, both are stuffy in my ears; both ways cable down and cable up. Cable up is less stuffy, but I feel like it might lessen the bass level on both a bit. So that’s that for now.

Mind you though that I think highly of the FXT90, and in comes this thing seemingly kicking it in the ass. That’s technology advancement for ya.

Here’s the imgur album that shows the SS01 between the FXT90: CLICK ME


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