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Someone asked me why I don’t like “mindless crap”

During my fangasm of Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: In The Distance, That Day, When The Star Became Music… someone said that I am a tsundere and actually like mindless shit. Mistake number one is that that person thinking Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: In The Distance, That Day, When The Star Became Music… and it’s prequel Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Meteoroid-Falling, Burning, and Disappear, Then… mindless crap, which it isn’t.

First things first: since anime, like music, is highly subjective, let me say what I thought of mindless crap (don’t gut me orz):

The usual healing anime counts as that: IDK, henneko, Yuruyuri, K-On!, and the likes. Ecchi shows too. Harem BS, bland romcom that has “jokes” such as a tsundere abusing a bricks-for-brain cardboard MC and yelling as that aforementioned tsundere abuse the MC. And just plain bland comedy that relies more on the characters being terminally dumb and a straight (wo)man explaining the implied joke. There’s more, but then I’d get into an incoherent rant.

But I thought, this is a great time to sort out how I think lately when deciding what to watch. Of course, since my time are spent faffing about in Head-Fi’s premiere anime thread, that’s where I spilled my thoughts on and I will just copy that here, with a few edits.


Not really. There’s mindless crap, and there’s mindless gold. But it all goes back to how I see healing anime and ecchi anime nowadays. It’s just too… bland. Too much of the same thing. I know, that makes no sense that I don’t like it, but at the same time I want more of the same thing on what I like (but at the same time, I don’t want it to be an exact copy, and like it with a little change). Lets just say I’m a big hypocrite with a big ego.

This on the other hand, like Gurren Lagann, SZS and Nicbibros just went and away with over the top ness. The first one is a silly, campy incoherent under-funded anime that has a dream brighter than the stars. This season, they recognise what made the first season drilled its way into its fans’ hearts, and made that better, and fix whatever mistakes that was made in the first season. Where some other sequel has a huge risk of either changing too much or too little, which will divide the fandom between one’s that want more of the same thing and one’s that want slight changes, but keeping the same formula. Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: In The Distance, That Day, When The Stars Became Music… can only go up. Of course, I don’t know what can be done wrong in this instance, as of right now I can’t possibly see or think any negative points on it because I’m fanboying too much.

P.S. Actually, SHAFT did an amazing example of how to make a sequel that I like. Take the first season: wacky, dark and stuff. They could’ve gone on with just that, but in the later seasons, they added some more flare to it: different artstyles, voicing sound effects (jiiiiii~~), more bombastic, etc.

P.P.S. You can look it at this, from me, in another way. KyoAni for example. [This is more on iterating other shows having the same basic template than making sequels.] I watched and finished K-On! back then. I was enthused when K-On!! was announced but didn’t finish it since I thought it was boring. Until now, I haven’t rewatched K-On! because I fear that it will damage any good times I’ve had of it. And then look at Tamako Market and Free!. For what it is, Tamako Market is again the same thing they’ve been doing since whenever. Free! is, for all intents and purposes, the same thing. With the obvious one huge change. Sexy buff boys. Guess which I like better.


And a few while ago, vaunted ImperialX replied to me when I had this to say:

in which he replied with this:

It’s interesting that some people actually think KyoAni is “betraying” anyone. There isn’t any kind of notion similar to that in the Japanese community. I think the image KyoAni has made for itself over here is slightly different from its home turf. In Japan they are pretty much just known for their consistent animation quality, if only that.

If your interest in anime is dimming, you should start moving to visual novels.

It’s less that my anime interest is dimming, but the choices of what I like is lesser. I mean, I guess I can’t get into pointless anime anymore. Pointless in that it has next to no big plot progression. That’s just most “cute girls doing faack all cute things” shows. Comedy on the other hand is a different thing. One can argue that too have hardly any plot progression, but it carried me on the basis of being funny, not just either ogling at 2D characters you can never get or at the ecchiness of it all that is becoming more and more like soft porn than before.

But even with comedy, I seem hard to be pleased. Normal run-of-the-mill comedy is boring with the usual “cardboard MC punched by hyperagressive tsundere”, “yelling for no reason” joke, ecchi jokes. Looking at the recent past seasons, the only comedy anime I watched and severely like are only Joshiraku and Nichibros, with Muromi-san being the latest addition, and arguably Maou-sama is comedy too.

Again, same with a few romcoms. Maou-sama can count I guess, the last one that I remember liking is Toradora! and Ookami-san. Most other recent ones I just… harem that panders to the fans that brings in the most money to make more pandering anime. :\

Don’t let me start with oreimo lol. Anyone should be able to see who the final pairing was going to be, and I pity those that wish otherwise and hope that their pipe dream pairing will be the final one.

I guess newer shows are just a good excuse to dive back in time to catch up on must-watches.


tl;dr, I’m insane.


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