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“How I spoiled hi-fi for myself” by Tilpo

This is nothing more than just a reminder to myself than for reach, as I have no illusion that my reach isn’t that far to be anyways. Regardless, this man’s posts and musings have always entail many degree of intelligence with only a few to go with, which is, when I think about it, is what made it smart. Here, go read it:

In a bigger sense, this is as much of a cautionary tale for any hobby than just only high fidelity audio. What degree of expenditure will bring you happiness? To what extend do you think “it’s still worth it”? To what objective do you still indulge? These are all personal questions, I understand; and some that I have from time to time ask myself; but in this world that usually portrays that being a materialistic mega mogul and a hedonistic prince/princess is the way to achieve the highest state of enjoyment, iconoclastic posts such as Tilpo’s always brought me back to humbling levels.

That and I try too hard sometimes. *cries to sleep*


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A foreign student who happens to like manga/anime and headphones.


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