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Classy Nami-chan: a variation on BMF’s DBV #3 T50RP mod

What’s this? I’m writing about my mods for Nami-chan? Well not something from scratch, but since the DBV #3 mod is near perfect anyways, might as well try to make it fit me more.

First of all, what is this DBV #3 mod? It’s developed by the most prolific bluemonkeyflyer, and documented in this gigantic Head-fi thread. What it is is a mod to make it one of the more linear, super jack of all trades base modding instructions before adding in your own pizazz. For what it is I think this is the best self-mod T50RP mod variant I’ve had to make, besting my own recipe (obviously). One thing that bothers me is the Shure pads used. It’s fine, but it’s shallow and fitting is a problem for me. The latter can be fixed with stuffing something below the pads, but the latter is harder to solve.

Then I remember that I pretty much love the Beyerdynamic gel pads that I used for Nami-chan before so I swapped the Shure pads with it.

It is terrible.

Might as well post my findings here regarding the beyer gel pads with DBV #3. It needs work. Note though that I am listening to it as of the time of writing and already clocked in 20 painful minutes. 1st major problem: honky sharp midrange. Some female vocals still work, but to me who mainly listens to a lot of anime songs…. yeah, pain. I assume there’s this rather severe V shape for the midrange only (this is what I see looking at foobar’s spectrum visualisation and listening my test tracks) which somewhat baffles me.

The other problem are flat (not the good flat, the boring one) bass and uneven treble (which doesn’t have spikes oddly enough), both of which are really low compared to the WTFmidrange. [link]

Not letting myself give up on this, I churn my brain for ways to make the gel pads work (I succeeded).

DBV#3 w gel pad materials all

1. Beyer gel pads
1a. the included foam disk. Shown is its transparency.
2. Soft felt made from 100% polyester fibre (in this case, mine is from Creatology) cut in the size of the whole baffle
3. Dense rubber piece (the ones like those exercise mats) at 2mm, cut in the size of the felt area on the baffle.

Not shown: 3M Transpore tape; brain.

So the first trial I did is to stack 3, then 2 then 1a on top of each other before putting 1 on using The Amazing Electrical Tape. That resulted in this:

Potential good news. I fixed it, and now it’s somewhat like the DBV #3 again. I think. Haven’t figured out how to have measurements that make sense yet (no time to figure out for now.) but FWIW I have that “just right” feel again.

Amazing on first listen but then I started to notice some sharp spikes around 11k area.

Tried to fix them using these melamine foam scrap I have around (my supply is running low so I try to save as much as I can without cutting more from a block).

DBV#3 w gel pad materials melamine foam scrapPutting them in front of the driver ear-side did little to no change.

My next trial is to took out the huge felt piece altogether and go from there. Much much better now. No treble spikes that I find painful, and this results in my impressions at the top of the post; the only difference from the final result is that the mids is a bit shouty/too forward for this midrange lover.

I figure that I have to put something in front the driver to tame the mids. Melamine foam doesn’t work, and looking at the BMF Emergency Care Pack I have, there’s nothing that I can put ear-side without compromising ear comfort. Then I spotted the transpore tape and I said “Why not?”.

Apply directly to forehead onto the driver, making sure not to overlap the tapes. I needed two pieces of tape to cover the driver without closing the baffle port. Then put 3 on, then 1a and then 1.

The result is an amazing variation to DBV#3 with a better sealing pad perfect for the cold weather**. I think this has a bit more detail in bass and upper mids, but no perceived detail that’s usually the result of over-eager treble (all of this is inclusive with the impression at the top of this post)..

**I’ve been running the Beyer gel pad the longest time, and that included my time in Malaysia. Sweaty as all heck.

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