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MA350 Journal Entry 2: On-Par Isolation and fragile tips

So the past few days I’ve finally had the chance to use the MA350 outside of my room. I have to say, even if I felt that the shells of the IEMs feels kind of thin it provides a more-than-good isolation that I expected. I suspect that the fairly narrow stem of the IEMs made it possible to do a deeper, more secure insertion than my FXT90 or MDR7550. While the latter is nearly useless outside, the former is problematic for me since the stem is quite wide and the shell/body is not really smooth-lined body made it a bit difficult to insert deep into my ears.

Despite all of that though, the isolation is just a bit better than what my FXT90 can do. And remember back when I said that the bass is kind of centerstage in the whole sound department? Yeah this helps quite a bit when I’m using it on the bus or in the subway as the added bass, or the more spotlit bass I should say, helps mitigate the deep rumble of the engine noise of the bus or the grumbling of the subway as it speeds through in tunnels. At these points in time I felt that the MA350 performs the best, or at least very satisfyingly to my taste.

Unfortunately a slight misstep happened. One day when I saw that my overactive ears’ produce is kind of dirtying the tips; not the nozzle mind you; I wanted to clean it properly instead of just use a q-tip from the outside. So as I was pulling one of the stock M-sized tips off the nozzle, it just… ripped.

2013-02-13-1279Thankfully the small tips still can kind of fit me, albeit now with 100% fiddling to achieve the needed fit. Also because of this, I can somewhat reduce the bass presence by controlled imperfect seal. So while it’s kind of sad that I ripped my medium tip, I found a way to mitigate the bass presence more to my liking.


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4 thoughts on “MA350 Journal Entry 2: On-Par Isolation and fragile tips

  1. Observes a moment of silence for the fallen tip…

    BTW, I’m not using my medium tips. ;-)

    Posted by warrenpchi | February 15, 2013, 8:46 AM
  2. I had the tips break on me, too. Sony Hybrids have been working well, though the stock RHA ones were the comfiest tips I’ve come across so far and it’s a shame my pair is ruined.

    Posted by Argyris | March 13, 2013, 6:35 AM


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