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MA350 Journal Entry 1: Great vocals presentation… whenever there’s no bass

As I suspected, this is a pretty bass-focused IEM. Not surprising IMO, since this is basically at the price point of people that likes to listen to brain-numbing bassy songs. Regardless of that, this post is more about how the vocals are so godly awesome, for now at least. But like the title alluded, it’s only when there’s minimal bassy instruments/sounds present. It’s not that the bass bleeds into the other parts of the song; on the contrary, I felt that it’s rather detailed; but more that it’s in front of the other elements of the song.

And to complement the godly vocals presentation is the rather wide headscape I’m hearing with it. Not the vocals mind you, it still sounds like an IEM, i.e. in your head, but not severely so; some instruments, like violins and piano, when they are recorded as far away, doesn’t seem to be either too far away nor to closed in.

The combination of these two elements, for now at least, is very suitable for vocal-centric, hall-based songs or similar. At least, that’s how I like those kinds of music: fairly intimate vocal with well-spaced instruments.


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