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RHA MA350 IEM review unit: a journal

2013-02-06-1273It is exactly as the tin said: I received a review unit from RHA and am going to do a review journal on it.So out of the blue, a Head-Fi member/friend, warrenpchi, once PM’d (or emailed me, I don’t remember already :p) whether I would want a review unit of the titular IEM. I said yes, and he told them that I am interested. So in came RHA’s representative, Isabel, and we arranged it all out, saying that I don’t have to return it to them (yay!), I can write the review however I want, and most importantly, as honestly as I want. The last part was actually very important for me, since I don’t really like my opinions and views censored. But with that in mind, that doesn’t mean that I can lambast it with curses if I don’t like it. It so happens that I don’t dislike it for now. So with that said, on to my very early first impressions.

From the first listen, it is bass-heavy, no doubt. But if I were to isolate (or just listen to some songs that doesn’t have a lot of bass) I can hear that the vocals aren’t too recessed. Regardless of that I felt, for now that the treble is a little bit more recessed than the vocals. Can’t say much more on sound, other than that any Touhou electronic songs now is trying to bust my brain down, in a pleasing, head-bumping way.

Physically, I felt that the fabric braided cable is kind of okay; not very memory-prone, but not very tangly either. That said, I fetl that it still has a potential for it to twist, but with this kind of ease to manipulate it and not having it retain the shape of how ever I played with the cable, I can easily use the IEMs either cable up or down my ear. The strain relief seems okay for now, and the aluminum build of the buds felt reassuring.

rha350 acc

Accessories-wise, well, it is a budget-range IEM, from what I can gather about it, so there’s only a small cloth pouch and the S and L single-flange ear tips. Fairly well packaged for what it’s worth, but I have to disagree on their decision to use a permanently sealed flap on the top, and double-sided tape on the bottom flap, without any other way to close it back again without using tape. I know most probably will just chuck the box into the bin, but still.

So far I like it for what it is: a cheap-ish IEM that still has great build quality (still need to see how it’ll hold up in daily commute), a bassy IEM that seals well and sits well with electronic music (and bass-less songs from the few ones I’ve tried so far).

Stay tuned for more, although I can’t really promise when’s the next post about this will come up. It might be next week, it might be in two weeks’ time, or daily. But either way, I will post about it.


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4 thoughts on “RHA MA350 IEM review unit: a journal

  1. What’s a Touhou electronic song?

    Posted by warrenpchi | February 8, 2013, 9:30 AM
  2. Ahh, I see. Thanks! =D

    Posted by warrenpchi | February 12, 2013, 1:12 AM


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