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Head-Fi in 2012: A review

2012 of HF in review

The year of 2012 has been a year of discovering myself, as cliché as that sounds. Only gotten serious since Oct. 2011, I never thought that I will be spending countless times on a website catering to a hobby that once thought to be for crazy people that waste money on something trivial as ‘sound’.

The biggest thing to happen to me spending-wise was in the summer where I just went on a small shopping spree of an Alessandro MS1i, a Fostex T50RP, a Sony MDR-7550, a Koss KDE250 and an old, out of season FOTM the Thermaltake Isurus. Love the Koss so much, but I decided to give it to my dad as a birthday present. Missed the unique sound of it so much. Gave the old FOTM to my younger bro for his birthday.

But experience-wise, two of the biggest thing was recognising the weird phenomenon of Razor Treble of Death and the awesome might of the T50RP magic. Thanks to Beyer and their T1 for the painful and honestly insulting experience of the worst treble ever, even with a tube amp. And thanks for Jaben for presenting the chance for me to do so. And thanks to the T50RP, I’m practically devoid of any lust for new gear or need to upgrade at all. Sure I’ll still try out new headphones, but not at the cost of my money.

The interesting thing that I noticed though was that I never went on the so-called “Journey”, where noobs often went on a spend-and-sell spree to placate their lust of new-sound-never-heard-before and the New Toy Syndrome. Up until summer, I was in fact losing sleep reading on all these great headphones and IEMs, always planning to buy this and that, started from just a “mere” $150, a step up from the Creative Aurvana Live!, and ended up looking at candidates worth $500, all the while trying to justify the ever increasing and unsupportable budget. One fated day, I found out about the T50RP and all my nights was lost reading the leviathan of a thread that is the T50RP modding thread. Somewhere there, someone offered me a spare T50RP they are willing to sell to me through PM and 1 month later I got the magical headphone. Prior to receiving them, I’ve already bought the Koss, Alessandro, etc. Just in a few days the T50RP managed to murder my own lust for new gear. Just like that, I have saved a lot of money. Since then my interest towards new gear, while still there, is just a background thing to me. And I wonder why I should come on on Head-Fi anymore. But I do still come on.

And it’s all because of the people I’ve met in this hobby. Some I would proudly declare as my friends. From the tale-master and predatory headphone collector MuppetFace, the bus driver from Canada DigitalFreak, the very long-winded, but very knowledgeable music4321, the math genius and my nth-dimension doppelganger Tilpo, the awesome Photoshop master warrenpchi, the totally too awesome, forever diligent and dauntless mod Currawong, and to all the myriads of people that I don’t managed to remember, but still close and dear to my heart, you guys are the reason that kept me stuck, glued to Head-Fi beyond just the lust and the “Journey”. I laughed, I thought, I shed a few tears, I conversed, I discussed, I listened, I lurked, I despaired, shared and discovered new music, all with some guys across several nations and seas and mountains, and I cherished every moment of it. All of you made my time in this ridiculous hobby all the more worthwhile and valuable. And oh so very magical. I thank all of you for the great time I’ve had so far, and wish that this could go on forever until the Mayans, or some other things, decided to end the world.

On that slightly touching note, for 2013, the only thing on my target is the FiiO X3, probably the VSonic planar IEMs and the refused-to-be-called-other-than-GR08, and the JVC HAFXZ100 (at this rate, I’ll end up buying it in 2013). Not really following much of the hobby’s trend. I also won’t miss any chance to try new gear, but it most probably won’t be at my own monetary expense.


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A foreign student who happens to like manga/anime and headphones.


2 thoughts on “Head-Fi in 2012: A review

  1. First! Seriously though, this has been a great year for Head-Fi. And like you said, it is in no small part due to the community. Here’s to 2013!

    Posted by warrenpchi | January 3, 2013, 2:49 AM

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