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Of angelic voices, elusive fit and open clamping, among others.

Finally settled down a bit, and now I have these to look forward to play with. :3

For those not in the know, the top headphones is an Alessandro MS1i, an internationally more viable, and cheaper alternative to the infamous Grado headphones. Part of me bought it just to get to know the oft-mentioned Grado house sound. Some people even said that the Alessandro is generally more neutral than Grado. How true is that I can never tell, unless a Grado comes in my way somehow. Another part of me bought it because it has the potential to evolve into an even more improved headphones by modding in the form of the MS1000i. It seems that I’ve been bitten by the modding bug, all thanks to Nami-chan.

Next row from left is the Thermaltake Isurus eSports in-ear earphones. This is just me being curious of some flavour-of-the-month product (or bang-for-the-buck for some people). Sadly I can’t make it work because the IEM has an in-line mic, and the jack at the end of it seems to only work with iProducts and Android products without an adapter for my N8, and can’t work on the PC too since the fucking seller didn’t mention that he won’t include the mic in + headphone in splitter. I’d give it to my younger bro because he have an Android phone.

The next one is the quite uncommon, amongst audiophiles, Koss KDE250 dual element earphones. Like it says, it has 2 drivers each side; one is a 20mm for the bass only, enclosed and funneled through the normal-looking abnormal perpendicular protrusion that houses the smaller 13mm driver that handles the other frequency. I got it mainly for the curiousity of owning it and of course because it has 2 drivers, the same concept that the FXT90 that JVC employed. But it’s famous amongst the few users for its finicky, elusive fit, but if you can get it right, you’ll be rewarded with quite marvelous sound.

The last one is the Sony MDR7550, or in Japan it goes as EX800ST, a studio monitor that’s lauded as a great mids-centric IEM. This is an impulse buy for me. There’s no other reason to get it other than the lauded great mids of it. I think I overexpected, because I felt let down after my first taste of it. But as it is, I know that some takes time to grow on me, so I’ll give it another chance.

And among other news, I’ve got in my hand some melamine sponge to try for my Nami-chan. There’s seem no more mention of its usage in the T50RP modding thread other than a couple of posts.


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