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New sword for the keyboard warrior.

I’ve been eyeing for a mechanical keyboard for a long time. I decided to buy one after I tried typing on my friend’s Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. Prior to that though, I’ve always been interested in buying one, only that it wasn’t enough to push me to buy one. But after using my friend’s keyboard, it’s very obvious that I want it, nay need it. I searched high and low for some other options than the Blackwidow, but just yesterday, I decided “F*ck it, I’ll just buy one of the same.” And there’s two of them; one of them is cheaper. Being the cheapskate I am, I picked up the cheaper one. What a mistake. One of the reason I decided to take the Blackwidow Ultimate was the USB port it has. The cheaper one, just a normal Blackwidow, lacks that. A little bit sad, but otherwise, I’ve seen improvement in WPM and comfort in typing, and the macro keys are also helping with my discomfort to certain keyboard shortcuts too. So much joy in typing now.


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A foreign student who happens to like manga/anime and headphones.


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