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Status: not dead

Despite the lack of updates, I was on a hiatus mainly due to exams and final papers. I should outline what my plans are, mainly because I sometimes forget.

Now that summer vacation has finally begun for me, I can, hopefully make do with my comparisons of various spatial DSP programs. There’s still the slight problem of using which headphones in my possession; considering that my Nami-chan would be worked on furthermore would make it not suitable for a comparison. I do have the CAL! and the Portapros though.

Something I rarely like to share, and have some sort of irrational fear is my real life location. Either way, this summer I will be going back home to my country somewhere in south-east Asia. Waiting back home already are some goodies: an Alessandro MS1i, with the full intention of converting it into an MS1000; and a Sony MDR7550 studio IEM. Looking forward to using them. There, I’m also should be able to obtain modding materials easier just because I can talk normally now, instead of like a toddler.

And once again, I seem to have been offered yet some more opportunity to obtain planar magnetic headphones. Only this time, I’m being offered 2 rare vintage ones: the Yamaha YH-1 and Wharfedale ID1. I would like to get both, but as I’m already saving up for a transparent and neutral-ish amp, for versatility, I don’t think I can get both of them and have to choose, sadly.

Anime-wise, there’s a lot of shows backlogged so there’s that. I already started on a marathon already: Senki Zesshou Symphogear. I felt initially they are kind of slow back then in winter, and since the group bringing it was very slow, I stopped altogether. Now, since they finished already, I find that the show is quite good, for now. Still have a few episodes to go though. But the thing that grew on me was the soundtrack and songs in them. They’re just so damn good.

Summer shows though, on the other hand, doesn’t excite me at all, except for a few odd ones out of the same old derivative otaku fodder. But even then, I seem to only took a cursory glance. But judging from what other anime bloggers that are doing this longer, it seems summer is, somehow, a drought of good shows. That’s somewhat good news though, as I can catch up with my to-watch list of other, older shows.

tl;dr, not dead, was very busy, going to make myself busy.


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