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The inevitable end, shocked bemusement

I… just witnessed the end of a very beloved series. A fullstop of an obsession. The omega of a joyous and insane alpha a long time ago. It seems unreal that even when you knew it was going to end, it has been announced and published when it’s going to end, and you expected it, it still hits like nothing before. Not like a truck, not like a train, not like anything hyperbolic that I have had the imaginative pleasure to be hit. Even the weather currently it seems to be in turmoil.

I woke up today into a midday of cloudiness and reluctance of rain hangs in the air. I have no inkling at all as to what was about to happen as I waited patiently for my aging laptop to start up. As I sat there reading yet another book about the far future where there’s only war, I started up Chrome. To my bemusement, the manga tracker extension I had installed chimed up and showed me an update to said beloved series. With morbid curiosity I clicked on the pop up prompt, expecting a new chapter directly continuing it’s slow, yet inevitable path to the end.

Little did I know that the scans group has put up the penultimate end to my beloved. I sat there, shocked to the core, questioning why would they do this. I read with unemotion, spines tingling, skin shivering, reading the end with utter confusion and sadness and shock, understanding nothing and everything of what’s happening, reading about the death of a very beloved character in a beloved series is strangely utterly remote of what I’ve had ever felt.

I sit here now, having just finished writing this post, something that has been lost altogether with my graduation from school 5 years ago. The weather seems to be at lost with me, emphatically raining and booming thunder and flashing lightning, seemingly mirroring the turmoil I felt regarding the end of this series.

Sayonara, Zetsubou sensei. It has been fun, and I am truly grateful to have found it all these years.


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