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Throw logic to the curb and do the impossible: comparing software sound enhancement

I may set up myself with something impossible for me to do, but I feel obliged to this in an effort to get serious in this headphones hobby. Not in the direction of “spend money for more headphones than I can physically support” but more on the digital front: sound enhancement. I’ve set myself to compare 4 sound enhancement plugins and software: RPGWiZaRD’s Dolby Headphones tweaks, Isone Pro, xnor’s crossfeed implementation and SHEPPi spatial enhancer. In addition to that, I am going to teach myself the ways of proper equalization.

As evident by my short blurb of crossfeed, I am not sure of myself if I can even make out a coherent stream of thought to compare any of these software implementations. I am guessing that a great way to “train” my ears and brain of subtle differences is to learn how to EQ first. Of course all of this effort are moot if the change is so subtle that I have to focus hard to listen to it, IMO.

Here’s hoping this first project (maybe second since modding my dear Hitou Nami (T50RP) is my first project) goes through.


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A foreign student who happens to like manga/anime and headphones.


3 thoughts on “Throw logic to the curb and do the impossible: comparing software sound enhancement

  1. I continue to remain shocked and amazed that so many people can listen to stereo recordings on headphones without some sort of crossfeed. It’s so amazingly unnatural I get headaches without it.

    IMO it’s like listening to vinyl but leaving out the RIAA EQ.

    Posted by maverickronin | June 3, 2012, 2:28 AM


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