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[MMM] My Shadow and I – Summer Cycle

So this is a thing now I guess: me sharing some of my music that I enjoy from time to time, either something I just recently found and took a liking or a favourite of mine from my relatively small music library. I’ll call it Monthly Music Muses. And this time it’s another instrumental album from the same guy but under a different name; a different style if you will.

This time Brad Podray, the guy behind Maximalism, has another project called My Shadow and I. In contrast with that album, with its active style if you will, My Shadow and I – Summer Cycle is a lot more slower paced and take on a more soothing, calm meditating style. Most of the tracks in the album uses a combination of string instruments and percussion, ranging from the more well known western instruments to what I think are more Asian of origin, with the piano as the main.

All of the songs are a great way to unwind after a long day or classes, work or what have you during the day. I think my favourite tracks are “More Optimism” and “Conversation”. I like especially how seamless and surprisingly amusing when “More Optimism” ends and went into “Conversation”. It gets me every time. Of course, this means you need a gapless media player.

Again, I got this for legal-free from Bandcamp. As with Maximalism – Soundtrack for a Great Adventure, you can download it in a variety of file formats from MP3 320 kbps to FLAC and ALAC and anything in between. Alternatively, you can sample the tracks first on the page. Check it out.

EDIT: not free anymore, but well worth it considering it’s “name your price” model.


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