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Initial impressions: Fostex T50RP

So now that I have used and listened using the quite unique Fostex T50RP for a week, I am comfortable enough to give out my initial thoughts on these Japanese headphones. Do take note that this is not my full, concrete thoughts on this yet.

The first hour using this headphone left me with a downtrodden feeling. It’s so dull. But as with anything involving my ears and my brain I waited it out and kept on listening. See before this, all I used was the IEM JVC FXT90 and a HD414’d Koss PortaPro (now with felt bass lens); both of them being somewhat lively, bright and bassy in its own way.

And I say, as my brain and ears begins to adapt to this new sound signature, I occasionally took note of anything that either jumps out at me or something that is really new that I never experienced. To quote myself:

t50rp notes: early impressions

day 0
trumpets sounds very honky and unnatural
guitar sounds amazing, lifelike, detailed
piano sounds muffled, veiled/dampened
female vocals more prominent than male, but still a little bit veiled

day 1
everything sounds life-like, natural, neutral?

day ???
songs that makes a super impressions
I’m your villain – franz ferdinand (you could have it so much better)
outsiders – franz ferdinand “you could have it so much better”

By the time of writing, to me it all sounds like my day 1 notes: almost every music sounds life-like. Nothing stands out nor shied away. In fact, the only thing I can say that really shines out is the mid-range and vocals. If I thought that the vocals through my FXT90 is awesome, the T50RP delivers it in a godly way. It’s more intimate, more lush. Guitars also sounds so much better, especially when it gets really fast. The T50RP can deliver it without breaking a sweat. Bass could be called lacking in volume for some, especially apparent when during the 2nd day; since as I said before I came from a more bassy ‘phones prior to using this; but delivers just enough impact, usually. Treble is clear so far, but as with bass that lacks volume, highs lacks some shine and sparkle, although it still is very detailed.

For example the 2 Franz Ferdinand songs I listed up there. After listening again to both of them, I can’t fathom why would I write like that for “Outsiders”. But for “I’m your villain” now that really rocked with these on. There’s quite a lot going on in the song. Nothing fast or anything, but there’s a lot playing at the same time. The vocals aren’t drown out at all, all the while I can hear each instruments clearly, and from which direction. I had my foot tapping all the way. Particularly during @ 2:48-ish where it took the cake. Gradually increasing in speed, with the drum impacting just nicely alongside the guitar coming out clear….. sorry, I drifted off there.

So yeah, for now, that’s all I’m going to say about the T50RP. I need more time to listen to this, and the fact that I just found and started using a crossfeed DSP on my foobar2000 setup, now it will took a little longer to evaluate this and gave my final evaluation. Also I named my T50RP in the 2nd day because of it’s flat, “normal” signature. Her name is now Hitou Nami.

Don’t judge me.


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