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Tsuritama: Episode 1

The preview synopsis of it that I read from a preview chart intrigued me a lot. A lonely teenage boy, an alleged alien and a fishing champion in a sci-fi show? With an Indian with a Japanese name thrown in. Count me in!

On the get go, I know I’ll like this a lot. The art style used in this particular early scene just tickles my fancy too much. Coupled with the masterful narration and the quite humorous goddess, I know this is just what I wanted.

Admittedly I am hoping that the whole show would be like this, but judging from preview images and the like, it is not so. That’s not to say that they are derivative blandness. On the contrary, I think the clean and simple style for the characters and IMO cell-shaded look of the background and surrounding adds to the charm on top of the quirky behaviours of the  characters.

Our "quirky" main character.

Another thing I liked about Tsuritama is the interaction between the characters. Mainly how the main character, Yuki, have a nervous breakdown on little things and his monologue. And the metaphor that he’s drowning whenever it happens. Another character I liked off the bat is Haru, the alien. And when this two meet, shenanigans are bound to happen eventually. Complete the team with a normal, cool guy, and you have a winning, three-man team.

Mr. Cool, and a Sony XB1000 cameo.

With the promise of world-saving action backed by a very soothing song, I am stoked for this show’s next episodes. And the whole shenanigan team is still not assembled yet! Looking forward to more time of the Indian.


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