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Maximalism – Sountrack for A Great Adventure

In a not-so-busy Twitter stream, TotalBiscuit, famous internet jerk, tweeted to his followers of an album of soundtrack that his friend, Maximalism, made: Sountrack for A Great Adventure.

EDIT: It is now not free, and costs as much as you want to pay the artist.

Literally, non-piracy free, this is one of the more enjoyable, and very well produced, IMO, soundtrack I’ve had heard recently. While I have to admit that my grasp of musical genre is nigh on nil, IMO it covers most genres except classical. I think. You can demo all the tracks there, and when you decide to download it, you can even download it in FLAC.

One of my favourite track out of it is “Under the Earth”. An exquisitely beautiful track of string instruments accompanied by drums arranged in an Asian-inspired style. Another one is “Into the Narrow Pass”. Yet another string-based track, but this one is faster paced than “Under the Earth”. It also has an Asian touch to it.

Overall what I like out of this album is that it’s true to its name; it made me feel adventurous, ready to explore sights unseen, wonders untold.


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