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The now-popular modding headphones T50RP just arrived

This is something that caught my eye since around 2 months ago, and something I’ve yearned for quite some time. It’s quite amazing really; they are lauded as another pair of relatively cheaper headphones to mod and has a huge potential to deliver way above it’s price; and the special thing about this one is it’s an orthodynamic. I’m not one to spin of chew on terms, especially in something I don’t know, but this is what the whole of Head-Fi say it is, and according to Tyll from InnerFidelity, the more technically correct term is planar magnetic.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anyway, I will be listening using these babies for quite some time; the plan is a month; before I started modding based on this awesomely massive T50RP modding thread and wiki.

I will probably edit/copy this post into a new one after a week for an early impression. For now, I can’t say anything remotely semi-concrete yet.


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