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Lupin III – The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

I’ve got to admit something; this is the first ever Lupin III anime I’ve ever watched/seen, ever. Like I’ve never seen any of the movies, or the original series. So, despite me wanting to be an anime elitist, I’ve already failed before I even started. So what does this wannabe think of this show?

Smacked in the face with boobs. Excuse me while I compose myself yet again. Ignoring the fact that the titular (heh)  female character’s breasts are flashed quite a lot, on the whole, I quite like this show on the get go.

Lovely art style for a lovely lady.

The first thing that caught my attention from the first second is the opening song. My god how beautiful it is. Of course during the first 1 minute and 10 seconds or so, there’s a narrator narrating something that I should undoubtedly focus on, if not for Fujiko’s knockers. While I do appreciate the fan service, it can get a little bit distracting to focus on the story.

The art style of it is basically amazingly exquisite; beautifully drawn. I like this kind of abnormal, out-of-the-norm art style in anime or manga. It gives it that whole hand-drawn feel; each frame is painstakingly and lovingly drawn. And when animated, I love how the show does shadows and darkness; again invoking that hand-drawn style. I do think that it is deliberately going this “old school” style of animation. Forgive my ignorance on this though. Please? So when I saw one or two suspiciously looking CG, I am a little bit bummed.

The characters just oozes intrigue and mystery. Lupin III just radiates an aura of being The Cool, The Calm, The Collected, with a little of mischief. While on the other hand, Mine Fujiko portrays a cunning fox, willing to do everything and anything to get what she wants. Oh and then there’s that 2 policemen. Well I think I can get to know them later on. And the accompanying soundtrack fits the atmosphere of cunning heists and sly tactics. This is another OST I’m looking forward to listen to on its own.

As a whole, I am quite pleased to say that I like what I saw and am greatly looking forward to how this show turns out. The mix of the art style, the characters, the soundtrack and the sheer atmosphere is mixed into a concoction of [insert hyperbole here]. I now feel bad that I haven’t watched any of the Lupin III shows/movies before, but I will watch them sooner now, rather than later (or never).

Looking forward to more adventures.


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