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HD414 replacement pads are gigantic, relatively

Well I got it last week, but since there was other obligations, I haven’t had the time to use them on my Koss PortaPro properly yet. Being the open cans that they are, and coupled with the not-so-quiet environ I’m living in right now, I don’t think I can accurately give my impressions while using them. But I shall try still. There’s 2 thing I’d like to listen when I’m using them on my PortaPro though. One is before it’s quarter-modded (cutting a  US quarter dollar coin size hole) and after it’s modded and put on reversed. Maybe I won’t do the last one yet, since I’m waiting for my Alessandro MS1i to arrive, and I want to try the unmodded HD414 pads on it too. This could be easily remedied by just buying another set, but being a stingy college student I am, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Well stay tuned for it then. In the mean time, go check out my inconsistent, and first, impressions of a headphone, my PortaPro, on Head-Fi. And check out the size LOL. Other than the colour (which there are plenty of pictures of it around) the size is what gets me.


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