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Eureka Seven AO, episode 1

…and I’m home.

You know that feeling when after a long time away from home, the homesickness is gone and overtook by relief and comfort? That feeling of ease coming back to a familiar, well-loved, and highly missed place. That’s what I felt while watching Eureka Seven AO.

One regret I felt while watching AO is not watching Eureka Seven again prior to it. While it was damn obvious I should do it, since AO is a sequel, I just didn’t have the time to do it. I also figured that since there’s a huge gap in between, I’m still left confused by the new setting and premise. I don’t remember the world is our world. Maybe something happened at the end of Eureka Seven that I forgot. Well I have another old anime I need to watch again then. :\

And while I barely remember Eureka Seven at all (curse you faulty memory!) I just felt at ease when the first episode of AO started. I vaguely remember liking Eureka Seven from the get go, and growing after that, and I had the same feeling with AO.

The only thing not animated in this scene is the background. Even the hair on both of them are flapping about in the downwind of the flying mecha.

Animation are superb. I’ve never paid much attention to who made what back when I started watching anime (and this is near the time I watched Eureka Seven too, I think) so I don’t really know if this is what BONES usually do. They are smooth, well animated and no out of place or weird drawing mistakes, as much as I can see, at least. Almost everything that’s shown in a particular moment is moving and alive. For example, during the first few opening scenes, in addition to the characters talking, the light-butterflies are always floating around. It makes it not dull in the least, and a huge respite against the usually static feel of “talking people” scene.

This flying mecha to be exact. My mecha fanboy in me squee'd in delight.

Varied characters too, I didn’t find any of them to grate me at all. There are a few vibes that shows who’s in AO are hinted to be an expy to from Eureka Seven, but that may just be my faulty nostalgia and memory at work. I’ve also read that Renton is a whiny little asshole. I don’t remember it that way. But then again, I don’t trust myself to remember much. Maybe I’m just more immune to angsty characters. *shrug*

Another part of AO I liked off the bat are the soundtrack. Oh so good and awesome. It really suits the setting really well when it accounts for. Classical-ish music to show the peaceful island where Ao lives. Aloof and carefree soundtrack accompanied the antics of Naru and Ao. Fast paced techno when the frist Scub burst appears, along with the G-Monster. Coupled all those with the great animation, it makes for an enjoyable show.

The power of colours. Or in their words, Scub Bursts. Again, superbly well animated.

I won’t say anything more, partly because I’m left without words left, and partly because I felt like my untrustworthy memory of Eureka Seven will start to skew my views on AO; which I no doubt will be sooner rather than later. But I do know this: this will be put on high priority to watch it as soon as it comes out every week, along with Space Brothers. That reminds me, I need to write something about that… Oh and I still have the two noitaminA shows still.


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