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Beginning of the End (SZS Manga End Announced)

I already knew this for a few while, just that without a place to share my sorrow, and no other person as much of a fan as I am in the Head-Fi anime lounge thread, I was left alone in despair. Now I shall share with my (almost non-existent) readers. I’ll be here in this dark corner once the inevitable end to my eternally best manga I’ve ever read.

Suimasen Scans

ImageVia the tag at the end of the most recent magazine chapter (raws fw <_<) “The End / 9 more after issue 16”.

Can’t say any of us are surprised, but still sad to see it coming to and end. Hopefully the end will be epic trolling, and we can look forward to whatever Kumeta-sensei decides to do next. A depressed talk-show with MAEDAX as his sidekick and Kenji Ootsuki as bandleader would be awesome….

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