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Tiring and fatiguing: my gratitude to prolific reviewers

After I finally finished my final impressions of my own FXT90, I’ve now seen how challenging and mentally gruesome it is to review something so very subjective and very easily affected by emotion: headphones and related items. More confounding to me is when I see how some of the more trusted and prolific members of Head-Fi are expected to give their thoughts and opinions on some of the more sought after and/or popular and/or vintage gear and equipment. Even more mindbogglingly massive endeavour to maintain are comparison threads the like of ljokerl‘s IEM and portable headphones threads, ClieOS‘s IEM thread and average_joe‘s custom IEM thread.

How would one convey how an equipment sounds that is understood by other people without sounding too vague? How to deliver your emotions of a favourite and express it in a manner it is believable? How to review a given sample to not sound like a shill if it’s delivered too positive, or like a hater if it’s too negative? What if I disappointed someone with my glowing review? These are the thoughts that occasionally crossed my mind while writing my first big review.

Personally after this review, I find myself mentally fatigued. With those thoughts in my mind, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to these people for sharing their thoughts and helped a lot of people in their pursuit of musical paradise, including me. Thank you.



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