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How spring never came to Russia this year

By still snowing in April! I mean WTF Nature? One day you decide to prolong winter, and it has to be this year? Stop teasing me with promises of warmth. Stop being all sunny and sunshine for the whole day yesterday and proceed to be misty and cold and snowing tomorrow! In other news, Japan brings spring to me in the form of anime. This is what I’m looking forward to.

Will watch no matter what, unless it really pisses me off somehow. In no particular order:

Tsuritama (start 12 april)THURSDAY
Eureka Seven AO (start 13 april) FRIDAY
Sakamichi no Apollon (start 13 april) FRIDAY
Uchuu Kyoudai/SPACE BROS (1 april) SUNDAY

Depends on the first few episodes:

F/Z part 1 (yes I know this is not exactly Spring 2012, but IDGAF)
Yurumates (3 april) TUESDAY
Zetman (3 april) TUESDAY
Jormungand (11 april) WEDNESDAY
Polar Bear Cafe (5 april) THURSDAY
Acchi Kochi (6 april) FRIDAY
Upotte!! (8 april) SUNDAY

Some OVAs:
Another Ep. 0

As you can see, I do this because I’m really forgetful and coincidentally kind of busy in this time of the year with college. The only thing I already started from this season in Ozuma, and it wasn’t that particularly good too. So I don’t count that as a start. :P

What I’m really looking forward to is Eureka Seven AO. I have watched the previous season and IMO it’s one of the best anime I’ve seen in my relatively short time on Earth. So I’m supposed to have a pretty high expectations for it, but (un)fortunately, I didn’t recap the previous season. So my expectation has been unconsciously kept down.

The other ones from the first segment of my list have various charms that attracted me. Uchuu Kyoudai/SPACE BROS has that seinen feel to it, it’s about space and a pug going to space! How not to want to watch it? Sakamichi no Apollon is about jazz, so it fits to my new audiophile hobby. And Tsuritama is another anime with a weird premise. Blend in a Frenchman, an Indian with his duck wife and an alien, and make it about fishing. Must. Watch. Ozuma is just… I don’t know, I felt like I want to pick it up. Besides I’ve already watched 3 episodes of it and why not finish such a short series anyway? I forgot to put the new Lupin III in that list (I should do it now), and to be honest, I am looking forward to watch it (when I am not lazy busy). And this is the first ever Lupin III anime I’m going to watch. Not even any of it’s movies before. No joke.

Now on to the second segment of the list. Someone from Head-Fi’s Anime lounge thread has finally convinced me to watch Fate/Zero. I guess my initial feel to the series is the otacult following of it that repels me to the series; the same reason how I can never watch Suzumiya Haruhi or Lucky Star. I feel like I am wasting precious, great anime from that decision but, that’s how it is. That said, the guys at that thread said that it’s better, production wise at the very least, than Fate/stay night, and it’s a “prequel” series anyway, so why not watch it aye?

Yurumates, Acchi Kocchi and Polar Bear Cafe falls under the same “lets watch no-frills comedy that doesn’t include sexual themes in it” category. Sadly nobody is carrying to translate Yurumates this season. The ones I did find was of their 2 past OVAs. After Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou brought back the light of comedy into my cold heart, I’m looking forward how the others this season will fare. Lets just hope that my expectations isn’t too high for them. :P

Finally Upotte!!. From the moment I saw it in a Spring 2012 preview chart, I said to myself “Nope, not going to watch it. It will be yet another ecchi-centric romcom harem”. Way to go for not standing by that. A Steam friend convinced me to change my mind on it with a few of its omake 4koma pages. With a “this is a 4koma adaptation” thought process, I put it in my audition list. I should’ve done my research and look for the manga myself. I can’t say I was lied to, because it’s my own fault. But still I do felt betrayed that it’s not a 4koma adaptation and it’s yet another harem series. Begrudgingly, I will still try the first few episodes.

Alas, I am too busy being in despair how my procrastinated class works are starting to pile up and too lazy to start watching this season’s shows. The ones I really wanted to watch is still a few days off and the ones already out seems to not have the strong pull I initially thought it would. In the end, spring still haven’t arrive in my life this year. Sigh.

Please arrive soon, spring. I miss warm weather.

Speaking of news, expect my full impressions of the Japanese-import universal IEM JVC HA-FXT90 in a few days. It has been quite a fatiguing write-up, and still writing it. Man, how do those huge reviewers cope up?


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