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  • Been spending more time with the both of them, and I have to say, so far, I'm liking the SS01 more and more. I'll say for now, it's because the SS01 is more detailed in every conceivable way than the FXT90. And sure the bass on the SS01 is also more elevated, but for now I'd say that it's not overdone.
  • Wow. Just wow. It hit me today that this blog has been alive for a year (and 13 days) and it's fairly active (relative to my previous attempt). I'm pretty happy with this, even if I don't really looking for much views and such; just for a place for me to dump my ramblings in an easily archived place. And the audience is a bonus. I'm even more surprised that there are people that follows this blog. Here's to more months of rambling!
  • Just tore the stock single flange tip from my MA350 when I wanted to clean it. Well shucks.
  • Concise version then. \\ Best Action: JoJo \\ Best Romance: Acchi Kocchi \\ Best SoL: Nichibros \\ Best Humour: Jinrui \\ Best Story/Plot: Psycho-Pass \\ Best art: Jinrui \\ Best Main Character: Koko Hekmatyar \\ Best supporting Character: Will A. Zeppeli \\
  • I've been eyeing for a mechanical keyboard for a long time. I decided to buy one after I tried typing on my friend's Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. Prior to that though, I've always been interested in buying one, only that it wasn't enough to push me to buy one. But after using my friend's keyboard, it's very obvious that I want it, nay need it. I searched high and low for some other options than the Blackwidow, but just yesterday, I decided "F*ck it, I'll just buy one of the same." And there's two of them; one of them is cheaper. Being the cheapskate I am, I picked up the cheaper one. What a mistake. One of the reason I decided to take the Blackwidow Ultimate was the USB port it has. The cheaper one, just a normal Blackwidow, lacks that. A little bit sad, but otherwise, I've seen improvement in WPM and comfort in typing, and the macro keys are also helping with my discomfort to certain keyboard shortcuts too. So much joy in typing now.
  • I did say that I want to compare sound enhancement software. It seems that it's more complex that I thought. Of course I'm not saying this is as easy as reading this post, but cursory glance to try for a short time is not the way to do it. It's great though that I found all these so near to summer holidays. This time my summer ain't going to be too boring now. In other news, my anime watch list, and especially the current season, is piling every week. Great for the holidays too, once my head is close to bursting studying all those enhancement implementation. Now all I need to do is not waste time and study for my finals. :P
  • This just in: my new mod for my T50RP (some other things I tried after I wrote that mods post) really showed me what soundstage is. I can't believe it. Will try and listen with other songs with more discernible soundstage.
  • So just tonight I found some great sounding Touhou techno remixes on Youtube. As always with popular and oft-viewed videos on Youtube, the recommendations videos are also (mostly) amazing. 5 hours laters, at 3:34 AM, I am ready to sleep and rest my ears for a long time after blowing my mind with awesomeness. Worth. Every. Minute.
  • Maybe it should be obvious by now, or maybe not, but most definitely have an unnatural obsession with Kumeta Kohji's Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series. Heck this blog is named after one of the opening songs of the anime adaptation. But the point of this rambling is that IMO this is a healthy obsession, at least when concerning with my newfound hobby; getting crazy with headphones. Currently, I am modding my T50RP; nothing spectacular or out of this world, just following the tried and true basic steps that most have done. This benefit me two-fold; 1) better understanding, albeit still quite limited to how sound works; for the most part; 2) my SZS soundtrack album has some decent songs and tracks that are perfect to test my tweaks. For the umpteenth time: arigatou Kumeta-sensei (and SHAFT I suppose).
  • So I missed a used custom IEM being offered by a Head-Fi member, ImperialX. You (maybe non-existent) reader(s) may know of him by this blog of his. Anyway, for a soon-to-be $699 custom, now sold at an introductory price of $450, $300 is a fucking steal. I am sad that my plan of getting a custom IEM next year resulted in this loss. Although this means that I can start researching in the hopes of finding another steal like this. No, ImperialX, you don't have to respond to this. Touché, fate. Touché
  • So I got to playing Katawa Shoujo, finally. To be honest, I was really looking forward to play it. And I've got to say, so far, this Hisao guy is such a a-hole. And I'm sad that I have to play as him. :( But I'm still going to keep playing it. Also please don't flay me alive based on rumors and presumptions one might heard about Katawa Shoujo. It's really not what those bad rumors said about it at all, at least at this early stage I'm in.
  • So today I found something very interesting: crossfeed. It is brain-melting musical ecstasy. Of course this is me being all honeymoon'd at this time. But something is really bugging me though. I know there's a change; one of the most apparent from the get go is volume drop; but I don't know how or what, but I somehow like it very much to use such hyperbole like that. Being that this is a quite technical stuff, I'll read up more on it.
  • This is something that caught my eye since around 2 months ago, and something I've yearned for quite some time. It's quite amazing really; they are lauded as another pair of relatively cheaper headphones to mod and has a huge potential to deliver way above it's price; and the special thing about this one is it's an orthodynamic. I'm not one to spin of chew on terms, especially in something I don't know, but this is what the whole of Head-Fi say it is, and according to Tyll from InnerFidelity, the more technically correct term is planar magnetic. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Anyway, I will be listening using these babies for quite some time; the plan is a month; before I started modding based on this awesomely massive T50RP modding thread and wiki. I will probably edit/copy this post into a new one after a week for an early impression. For now, I can't say anything remotely semi-concrete yet.
  • Well I got it last week, but since there was other obligations, I haven't had the time to use them on my Koss PortaPro properly yet. Being the open cans that they are, and coupled with the not-so-quiet environ I'm living in right now, I don't think I can accurately give my impressions while using them. But I shall try still. There's 2 thing I'd like to listen when I'm using them on my PortaPro though. One is before it's quarter-modded (cutting a  US quarter dollar coin size hole) and after it's modded and put on reversed. Maybe I won't do the last one yet, since I'm waiting for my Alessandro MS1i to arrive, and I want to try the unmodded HD414 pads on it too. This could be easily remedied by just buying another set, but being a stingy college student I am, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Well stay tuned for it then. In the mean time, go check out my inconsistent, and first, impressions of a headphone, my PortaPro, on Head-Fi. And check out the size LOL. Other than the colour (which there are plenty of pictures of it around) the size is what gets me.
  • ...amongst other things. At last, this shows that the atmospheric temperature is warm enough for rain, and not more snow. I was also quite surprised that all the leftover ice and snow have already melted away into dirty ... puddles. DAMMIT! Coincidentally, I can also start off my Spring 2012 anime season with Uchuu Kyoudai i.e. SPACE BROS.

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